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Photography Now: Thomas Berghuis in conversation with Shen Wei

  • AsiaNow 9, av Hoche, 75008 Paris Paris France (map)

In this conversation, artist Shen Wei and curator Thomas Berghuis will reflect on the role of photography in contemporary art today, and discuss what Shen Wei considers to be the ‘precious object of photography'.

Shen Wei, Peach Tree, 30x50cm, ed. 5

Whereas photography, particularly in China, has long been printed in numerous editions and sizes, "For his most recent projects, Shen Wei has made the conscious decision to focus on carefully mastered small editions of a single size. Simultaneously raising the value of the work and the status of photography as art. 

Contemporary art is often valued in terms of its public access, keeping fast and extensive distribution and circulation amongst the broadest possible audience in mind. At the same time, there are many contemporary artists who consider the intrinsic value of an art object through its unique character and value. Sometimes this leads them to be criticized for their formalism. Especially by critics, who prefer seeing artists use wide distribution and public activism in their work, raised by the need for spectacle and the event.  However, can the precious object and some form of exclusiveness experience spearhead art’s objective as a unique and sometimes intimate, activist medium? Activating and connecting to people at their inner-most activist senses? How do we reconnect our senses to the precious object? Through devotion, spirituality, activism or through our intrinsic senses for art ? What is the role of photography now, in generating our senses towards seeking and finding intrinsic meaning and purpose in contemporary art?


SinArts Gallery will be present at ParisAsiaNow, from 18-22 october, both A200,  representing the works of ao Shen Wei and Chen Hangfeng. Please get in touch for the possibilities of complimentary tickets.