Zhu Hong 

Shanghai 1975

Zhu Hong moved to France to study art at ENSA of Dijon in counterpoint to her classical painting training in Shanghai.

The ultrathin delicacy of her works brings the eye to a level of heightened attention, inviting the viewer to make an effort to distinguish a figure between the opaque and the glossy. Focused on capturing museum displays and exhibitions, Zhu Hong aims to explore the history of Western art in its essential institutional settings, both precious and everyday.

SinArts is looking forward to represent some of her paintings and drawings originating from her recent exhibition at Musée de la Roche-sur-Yon, which followed her work at the prehistory museum in Les Eyziesde- Tayac-Sireuil. Zhu Hong is actively engaged in making and publishing artist’s books; her most recent book 3M2 de lumière was published by Lienart Éditions, Paris in 2017, and is available at the gallery.